How to Enhance Navigability in Your E-Commerce Website

Your customers and shoppers expect to face zero or fewer obstacles when buying products on your site. Customers do not have the whole day for browsing. All they want is a site that allows them to access products within a short duration. Navigability is the powering force in your e-commerce website. It is the determiner of your customers’ experience and sales levels.

If your site is rigid and hard to navigate, making sales will be an unfulfilled wish. Hence, you need to pay attention to navigability if you desire to earn high profits. Navigable and straightforward sites always become customers preference.

To join this team, here are 3 ways of enhancing your online store/site navigability:

Categorize your product listings

As a seller, you deal with various products in your online store. Most of these products can lie in a particular category. For instance, if you are dealing with cosmetics, you can categorize them into different categories such as face jellies, hand and body lotions, makeups, haircare, and so on. With this, it will be easier for a customer to find what they want. If a customer is looking for makeup, they won’t waste time searching through other categories. As such, you will enhance their shopping experience which is an assurance of more sales in the future.

Include a search bar

Nothing is hard than searching through for a product in a website that has no search bar. Say you want a makeup brand, but the company is selling more than 1000 types of makeups. At this point, you will have to browse through the list until you get your choice. The task of searching in the list is tiresome and can bar many buyers from shopping. To avoid such occurrences, it is crucial to have a search bar in your e-commerce site. The search bar allows customers to locate the item easily by typing its name. This way you save their time and encourage future purchases.

Make your category headings clickable

Making your category headings clickable is a crucial way of enhancing navigability. Instead of a customer going through the entire site, they only need to click the heading and get to the category’s landing page. Hence, they will not waste time on unnecessary searches. By this, you make your site user-friendly and boost your customer experiences. In the end, you attract more sales and conversion rates. As such, always ensure your category headings are clickable for you to boost your e-commerce website’s navigability.

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