3 Little-Known E-Commerce Platforms for Startups

With the dawn of the 21st century, virtualization is becoming the way of life. Humans are seeking ways to achieve their objectives and fulfilling their needs in the comfort of their homes. Is it due to laziness or the best way to enjoy life? Whichever it might be, going digital and virtual are making human beings better. One of the beneficiaries of these aspects is the business sector.

To do business in past decades was a complex issue which required you to have massive investments. But today, all you need is an e-commerce platform to build your online store. However, the new developments have a bunch of its challenges. Notably, as a newbie or startup, it becomes hard to identify a reliable platform to anchor your online business. This article reviews 3 little-known e-commerce platforms that are suitable for startup businesses. Here they are:

Big Commerce

Are you running an eBay store and you are looking to retain it and connect it with your e-commerce website? If so, Big Commerce is the best choice for you. This platform offers you an opportunity to build an online store and integrate it with your eBay business. By this, it means you do not lose your customers. Instead, you offer them a chance for enjoying excellent shopping experience as they now get an additional platform where they can fulfill their needs.

Apart from this, Big Commerce has an array of features that enable you to optimize your site for search engines and mobile devices, enhance store management, marketing, and store designs. Also, it has affordable plans starting at $24.95 per month.

Ability Commerce

This platform prioritizes mobile optimization and inventory management. Indeed, you know that making your online store mobile in a friendly way is the key to making more sales in the current decade. This e-commerce platform allows you to facilitate the ambition by providing you with features targeted for that purpose. Also, it has a Smart Manager that is functional for tweaking the promotional messages and prices which do not need any coding experience. The platform allows you to manage your Amazon store which is an upper hand.

Intuit E-commerce

Intuit is a one-stop solution that allows you to build an online store with ease. With it, you get a host, a domain name, payment gateway, site builder tool and other features to establish your e-commerce website. Also, it offers you Facebook extensions that enable you to do business on the most significant social media platform.  Hence, it is a great e-commerce platform for startups.

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